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How RxGenesys Works

Among the many amazing things about RxGenesys’ Stem Cell Skin Care approach is how easily they help rejuvenate the skin. That’s because they work by enhancing the body’s already innate ability to regenerate your skin. By working with nature to help restore the youth and beauty of your skin, our Stem Cell Creams require little time or effort to do their job.

In fact, they need little more than three minutes a day to work, guaranteeing results in a mere two weeks. Here’s the simple morning and night routine you need to reverse years worth of skin aging fast!

Morning Routine

Step 1 – Wash with RxCleanser

Cleaning your skin is should always be the first step to improving skin health. Not only does doing so help remove the makeup, dirt, and debris that can pollute the skin, but it helps the absorption and effectiveness of other RxGenesys routine.

Step 2 – Apply RxMoisturizer

Apply it on your face and neck, especially the area around your eyes and lips, which can get excessively dry, and you skin will remain soft and smooth throughout the day.

Step 3 – Apply RxIlluminator

Prepare your skin for makeup with our pore minimizing serum, which helps your skin look magnificent by improving the overall texture and tone of your complexion.

Night Routine

Step 1 – Wash with RxCleanser

Cleaning your skin is as important at the end of the day as at the start, especially after all your skin has gone through. It will remove the dirt and makeup that has accumulated while helping skin absorb and benefit from your RxGenesys Rejuvenating System throughout the night.

Step 2 – Apply RxVital

Your newly-cleansed skin can now better absorb our powerful anti-aging serum. Give your skin time to take in RxVital before proceeding to step three, as this helps maximize the benefits of the moisturizer. Moreover, the skin repair process is at its highest at night.

Step 3 – Apply RxMoisturizer

Moisturized skin is just as important at night as during the day, as it ensures consistent skin health throughout your life. Once RxVital has been fully absorbed, apply this state-of-the-art moisturize to you’re your skin stay soft and smooth throughout the night.

So it really is that easy to have young and beautiful skin again. All it takes is just three minutes and less than $1.50 a day. No other skin care product on the market can offer such quality and convenience with so little cost and effort. To learn more, reach us at 855.792.3288 or

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