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RxGenesys Stem Cell Skin Care - Clinically Tested

RxGenesys Stem Cell Skin Care


When we’re born our stem cells act as a self repairing system that allows skin to revitalize and prevents aging. As we age, our stem cell number and effect decreases over time, weakening the structural layers of our skin, giving way to wrinkles, sagging and age spots.


Validated by Research Awarded


The technology exclusively used in RxGenesys products, was inspired by research awarded the Nobel Prize in 2006 and 2012; such breakthrough technology deemed the use of embryos in the stem cell field obsolete.
The result of this research was the creation of pluripotent stem cells in a lab, making available for the first time, ethically sourced induced pluripotent stem cells, very similar in properties to embryonic stem cells.
The RxGen Stem Cel complex features a celular extract derived from these amazing induced pluripotent stem cells, obtained through our patented process and stabilized through our proprietary formulation.

The Nobel Prize is property of the Nobel Foundation

RxGenesys' exclusive revitalizing skin products are a combination of several discoveries and advanced high-technology, formulations made by Dr Gibson and a team of formulators, biotech scientists and PhDs. Our multi-step process involves generating a purified extract (cell-specific cellular macromolecules, such as proteins and lipids) from the most potent kind of stem cells known to men (induced pluripotent stem cells - from non-embryonic origin) , encapsulating the extract using a polysaccharide using a patented process and adding our doctor-designed formulation of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to produce the finished skin care line.

The Polysaccharide (very similar to a sugar) helps the extract to penetrate your skin. Once the RxGen Stem Cell complex is absorbed by the skin, the extract is available to the tissue and the revitalizing effects discovered in the laboratory are transferred to aging or damaged skin. 

The technology in RxGenesys has been able to isolate “youth Messengers" (or stem cell Extract) from human, non-embryonic stem cells. The effect of these “youth messengers” is harnessed in in products that promote young and healthier looking skin with a glowing complexion.

All RxGenesys products have been developed by expert formulators, doctors and Biotech PhDs to ensure that the final products would stabilize the RxGen Stem cell extracts while delivering the most state-of-the-art skin revitalizing technology. All RxGenesys products have been independently tested for safety and efficacy according to relevant US FDA regulations using an internationally recognized testing organization (Princeton Consumer Research). This independent clinical test and our own testing indicates that The RxGenesys Skin Care System can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by 56%  and improve Firmness and elasticity by 42% in 2 months. 

In the future, stem cells will treat diseases and extend life. Today, RxGenesys can help revitalize your skin in a way that you haven’t seen before


Before he could make RxGenesys available to everyone, Dr. Jeffrey Gibson insisted in an independent double-blind clinical study to certify the safety and efficacy of the system. The study was performed by the renowned Princeton Consumer Research, and the results were nothing short of remarkable.

  • 100% Noticed a reduction in the appearance of fine lines*
  • 100% Noticed a visible improvement in the level of moisture of their skin*
  • 94% Noticed a visible improvement of their skin’s radiance*
  • 94% Noticed a visible improvement of their skin complexion*
  • 91% Noticed a visible improvement of their skin’s texture*
  • 88% Noticed a visible improvement in the appearance of their skin’s elasticity*
  • 56% Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 56 days
  • 43% Visible improvement of the appearance of skin’s elasticity in 56 days
  • 43% Visible improvement of the appearance of skin’s firmness in 56 days
  • 0 Adverse reactions
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