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Enhanced natural ingredients are the key to a successful skin care protocol


There is a widely spread misconception that all natural products are the best for skin care. Here are a few key points to be considered when considering these “all natural” options:

  1. The term “all natural” is misused: just like food, ingredients that haven’t been treated with preservatives would expire in just a couple of days. So when you read about natural ingredients on skin care product ‘s labels, it’s important to understand that these are naturally derived components included in the overall formulation.

  2. Not all chemicals are harmful for your skin: a wide array of synthetic components in beauty products are derived from natural ingredients, treated chemically to improve the product’s shelf life, absorption and effectiveness.

  3. Enhanced Natural Ingredients bring real benefits: the secret of a complete, clinically proven skin care routine is the perfect balance of enhanced natural ingredients (Hyaluronic Acid to retain the skin’s moisture, Vitamins B, C and E which fight harmful effects of free radicals) and a proven anti-aging technology that revitalizes the skin and reduces the signs of aging.

When shopping for a new skin care, always consider these key facts and always use what works better for you. Remember, skin care is all about feeling good and confortable with your skin.


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