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RxGenesys Stem Cell Skin Care - Clinically Tested

RxGenesys Stem Cell Skin Care

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Customer Reviews

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Average rating:  
 27 reviews
It really is that good

Despite having a good consistent skin care routine since my twenties at age 42 I found that my skin was simply not responding to the products I had been using. I tried other products and different combinations of products but especially around my eyes the lines were more noticeable and my skin appeared to be sagging. After 3 days of using RxGenesys (yes 3 days) I started to notice a change. After a month I could not believe the results. My skin looked amazing. So much so that I kept looking at my friends in their early 30's and late 20's and without a doubt my skin looked smoother and healthier than theirs. It was about two months after I started using RxGenesys that my husband took notice. Not knowing that I started a new skin product I got this compliment "your skin looks amazing, it looks....young."

What I wish was different about the product: No care is given to the neck only the face and since the moisturizer only allows one pump in the morning and two pumps in the evening (if you take more you will run out sooner) I find I have to use a different skin care product for my neck.

But, I can't imagine not using it. It really is that good.

I've been using Rx Genesys for about 3 months and my skin is so super soft! I think the lines around my eyes and mouth have faded a bit too and am hopeful that as I continue to use the product that they will fade even more (or at least not get worse).

This product is AMAZING! I have seen tremendous results with my skin. I began using since August of 2015. I turned 50 in September of 2015... And constantly receive compliments on my skin. My skin is smooth and the texture of my skin has definitely improved. Fine lines are dramatically improved. I recommend this product highly to anyone who wants to see dramatic changes in their skin. I have used many products and skin care lines and RXGenesys is by far the best... FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!

Love it all!!!

Love all the products. Works right into my daily facial care and makeup morning routine. Is not too heavy, very refreshing. Seen results quicker than any other products I have tried.5.0 out of 5 starsI Look Younger & Feel More Confident

by Brunilda DucellariBlank Product Name

I started using this amazing skin care product about 2 years ago. The first time i used it my skin felt super smooth and fresh. I don’t have a lot of wrinkles and I like to keep it that way but the few lines that were showing at the edges of my eyes are smoother and less visible. I became pregnant not too long after starting to use it. My hormones were crazy and my skin started to dry and became even more sensitive than before. I kept using Rx Genesys and to my surprise it kept the skin smooth, elastic while diminishing red spots ( around the nose and cheeks for me).I loved it.These days I may not get enough sleep and may get some dark eyes but my skin does not have any wrinkles and it feels and looks radiant. I get compliments about my face all the time how I don’t look my age. I always recommend this product to anyone who wants to maintain their skin young and fresh. Im so happy I found it so early on.5.0 out of 5 starsI Look Younger & Feel More Confident

by Cynthia BeaumontBlank Product Name
I Look Younger & Feel More Confident

I have been using the RxGenesys Complete beauty system for almost 6 weeks now. On the very first day I felt a immediate difference in the elasticity in my skin was as if my collagen got turned on overdrive! The fine lines around my eyes are gone I defiantly look younger and I feel so much more confident when I get my photo taken now. I am 43 years old very soon to be 44 I recommend RxGenesys to everyone. It’s very easy to use the instructions are easy to follow and the products are gentle & absorb super fast into the skin. There is no product residue at all when I apply my makeup over my face. To my surprise my pores look so small now truly Incredible, RxGenesys really works.

RXGenesys….I love it!!

I love the product !! I was always affraid of using products because they will give me pimples(on my 50’s no age for pimples) ,or I was not tolerating the strong perfumes they will have…or simply they didnt work...I had a fortune of the high end and expensive products and not expensive,over the counter and prescribed ,and finally a friend told me about it and I am glad I paid attention because my skin is looking refresh and feels very elastic and soft.The lines faded!:)I used to always forget the sunblock for the face and since the product have sunblock I dont have to be thinking about “”one more thing””. You will be very happy!

by AADamselflyBlank Product Name
Amazing Results, great value!

Try it will love the results ! I have been on auto ship with this line for about a year now and see a big difference!My skin is smooth, firm and wrinkles have faded. I keep a cleanser in the shower,next to my sink and keep an extra system in my travel bag. Throw all those expired jars under the sink away ! This system includes all the elements you need for great skin care. My foundation has sunscreen for complete protection. I travel internationally on a regular basis, I get dehydrated, jetlagged ,and still get compliments on my skin. My flight attendant friends are now trying it and love it as much as I do !

by leana I CarlisleBlank Product Name
Can’t do without it!

I absolutely love the RxGenesys line – it has made an incredible difference on my skin. I have been using it now for over a year and cannot say enough great things about it. It made a huge difference immediately when I used it for the first time – and I miss it terribly (my face screams at me) if I go any time without it. Ladies of all ages – this is a great product – you will never use anything ever again once you become a RxGenesys convert!!

by Enrique PorrasBlank Product Name
Great Product!

I started using RxGenesys several months ago, as I needed to improve my skin ( I suffer from a mild case of Rosacea). I was tired of prescriptions and allergic reactions to OTC products, and after just a couple of weeks, I could see great results. My skin has improved tremendously! I will continue to use RxGenesys from now on!

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