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Celebrities’ Bizarre Anti-Aging Treatments


When it comes to having beautiful and younger-looking skin, many women will go to great and rather unconventional lengths to get that perfect glow. Especially women in the public eye. If you like following celebrity culture, you’ve probably heard that some women have tried, and swear by, some really bizarre skin care treatments. If you haven’t, hear they are:

1.Bee Venom Facial

This increasingly popular skin-care treatment is strictly for the bold, bee-autiful, and rich. The theory is that the venom tightens your skin by pumping up collagen, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2.Vitamin IV Drips

Simon Cowell told GQ that he swears by these nutrient infusions, which include B12, magnesium, and vitamin C, but can vitamin intravenous (IV) drips really give you more of a boost than a healthy diet and appropriate supplements can? Probably not, says Charles A. Bollman, MD, who stopped offering these beauty treatments at his practice about four years ago. “Plus, [IV drips] are expensive and take 45 minutes, twice a week,” he points out.

3. Vampire Face-Lifts

For this anti-aging beauty treatment, a $600 to $800 in-office procedure performed only by physicians, your blood is spun to separate out the plasma from the red blood cells. “Plasma is used in a purified form to be injected into the skin of the person that donated the blood,” explains Harold Lancer, MD, a dermatologist in private practice in Hollywood, Calif.

4.Ceramic Crystal Therapy

In this unusual anti-aging treatment, ceramic crystals are injected into your face to make you look younger. These crystals are considered permanent and though that might seem like a good thing, experts say it carries its own set of complications. Overtime, our face changes a lot and you lose volume, after which the particles can become evident.

5.Bird-Poop Facial

More than a century ago in Japan, geisha and kabuki performers used a face-cleansing routine that included nightingale excrement to remove heavy lead-based face paint. The droppings have enzymes to break down the skin cells or cleanse the skin, but don’t worry- the treatment uses dried, powdered, and sterilized nightingale feces.

Most dermatologists would not recommend these unusual treatments, however. A proven and much less costly skin treatment for you to try are our RxGenesys Stem Cell Skin Care Products. For more information on Stem Cell Skin Care, contact us by calling 1-855-792-3288.

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