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How social media has made facial appearance so important – By Jeffrey Gibson, MD


It’s amazing to see how technology has forever changed the way we interact and, more importantly, get ourselves known and recognized in our society. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Linkedin and virtually every other social media app today has a picture of your face as part of your identity. I know, I don’t sound very current … but here’s a fun way of looking at how social media has progressively taken over our lives:


No longer do you send in a Curriculum Vita to a new job offer and then show up for an interview only if they like your work history. Nowadays you are googled, and all existing photos of you become readily available to whoever is checking up on you.


Teleconferencing and Facetime have made meetings with potential clients, interviews and family get-togethers a part of our daily routine. Depending on how eager you are to put your life in display for everyone to see, every move, every place you visit, every meal you eat can be instantly shared for those around you to see, “like” and comment on.


As a result, being camera ready for any situation has become a priority for those looking to document their daily lives. There’s even a whole business model based on gorgeous people and their Instagram accounts – something I will not expand on in this chapter.


Needless to say, the way your face appears on a smart phone or computer screen has become super important to how we relate to everyone around us. This makes keeping your facial skin looking as young as possible more important than, maybe anytime in the past.

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