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8 Foods For Healthy Skin


With all the research and studies out there on nutrition, it probably comes as no surprise that the foods you consume also affect the health of your skin. Below are some of the best skin treats you can eat that will give you a boost of glowing good health to your complexion:


Cantaloupe is not only nutritious — it can actually protect the skin against sunburn and can also reduce inflammation, thanks to the vitamin C found in the melon.


Pomegranate gives natural protection from the sun. In addition, the powerful fruit can help lower “bad” cholesterol.


Before you head out into the sun this summer, slather on the SPF 30 and cook up some juicy tomatoes! Packed with the antioxidant lycopene, consuming cooked tomatoes may protect your skin from sunburn.


Kiwis, blueberries and sweet potatoes are all loaded with vitamins C and E, which can help protect against sun damage. One study found that those with diets with more vitamin C tended to see less wrinkles and dry skin, O Magazine reports.

5.Green Tea

Sipping green tea — or even applying it to your skin — could have great skin care benefits. The polyphenols it contains have been shown to protect the skin from harmful UV rays, according to a study in The Journal of Nutrition.


The leafy green of Spinach contains lutein (also found in kale) which helps with skin hydration, according to Everyday Health.


Before you pay for expensive botox treatments, Glamour suggests giving buckwheat a try. This seed contains rutin, which aids collagen and elasticity in the skin.

8.Wheat Germ

Rich in zinc, consuming wheat germ may aid in the making of new skin cells, according to Dr. Oz. Wheat germ may also act as an anti-inflammatory, the good doctor found.

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